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How old were you when you first heard about Jenna Lyons?

I was 50, and it blew my mind.

Hei You! Welcome to my blog. If you’re new here my name’s Eve and I hope to inspire you to experiment with your own style – #orCautionaryTale – as I shop my slow-fashionized closet to mimic stylish people and classic outfits – and do my best to unboring them.

You must understand; I live in Finland, and over here J Crew has never been a thing. However – learning about Jenna Lyons’ style and looking at her pics got me really excited about getting dressed again. Because – trust me: I’d been in a RUT for a long, LONG time. Why it was… you’ll probably read about it at some point on this blog.

AhNyWayz… To me Jenna Lyons was like the real life Carrie Bradshaw who was my first style icon back when I started my first style blog …what, like 15 years ago. (Don’t go looking. It’s not worth it.)

For her, anything goes, so I figured – why not me. At 50 I can (again) wear whatever I want, right?

So now I do, and you are welcome to follow along and hopefully get inspired by sustainable clothes, too.


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My interpretations of this outfit below:

pants (new) brand unknown as the label was itching and I removed it
pale pink top, necklace, blazer, ballerina flats and denim jacket (second hand)
linen shirt Lindex (new), striped T-shirt is Lindex, too (old)
bag Marc by Marc Jacobs, the best impulse purchase I made in 2008 – completely useless in this outfit while I have the pockets
bracelet a gift from my first job as a graphic designer in 2001-2002
Karün sunnies (new)
wedding ring Kalevala Koru Perniön sormus (since 2000)

photos Pinja’s Photography

#slowfashion #styleover50 #secondhandstyle

“well loved”  or wl = I’ve had this for years, even decades 
“old”  = bought new from a store over 2 calendar years ago  
“new” = clothes and stuff I’ve owned less than 2 calendar years and bought new
“vintage” = I’ve likely owned this for more than 20 years, occasionally something I’ve bought over the past few months or years but is still actual vintage
“second hand” or sh = bought second hand after a careful consideration
Yes, I do recall where and (approximately) when they came from because I try to avoid buying stuff willy nilly