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Dear Diary

Here’s what helps, amuses or inspires me. Hope you like it, too!

I love these channels on YouTube:

Sustainably Vegan contributes to the low impact movement

Environmentalist Shelbi’s┬áis a breath of fresh air, being so real. She’s also on IGTV.

Justine Leconte teaches you all about style and sustainable fashion.

Trevor Noah live show is on my bucket list. (And his book is a must hear!)

I have binge watched Lisa Eldridge’s makeup videos. They are (mostly) for everywoman and everyday.

Makes my day:

Headspace – meditation made simple. My special relationship with Andy has lasted for quite some time already – we kinda clicked instantly! I got a subscription from my Hub on my 46th birthday in April 2017 and been using it daily ever since. (And he’s not a wee bit jealous – hooray!)

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