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Mom got a piece of silk fabric as a souvenir from China. The label says Christian Dior, but I highly, highly doubt it… I bet the person who gave it did believe it’s real, though.

Mom had it made into this wrap skirt. I’ve had it in my closet ever since she passed away almost 8 years ago.

I basically only wear black for funerals, but now I was challenged to create an outfit inspired by this photo. Obviously I don’t have any of those pieces in my wardrobe, so I picked these keywords: silk, oversize, proportion play, contrast. (Also office, autumn, +6C)

This particular day the more conservative one (muted, classy, breton stripe) just didn’t feel like me. At all. You may see it one day, though.

This chunky sweater spoke to me louder “pick me, pick me!” Black and navy: yay or nay – what say you?

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Sweater (well loved) I usually only wear in the woods. I found it second hand 15+ years ago for 5 euros. Back when it was new sometime in late 80’s-early 90’s, I could have never afforded to buy it. Diesel laptop bag used to belong to my Hubby, boots have been buried in storage for 10+ years, Ray Ban sunnies (wl), watch Aarni (new), wedding ring (#love) Kalevala Koru Perniƶn sormus (2000)

#shopyourcloset #slowfashion