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For quite some time I’ve wanted to see if I can make an oversize sweater work on me, and now I found a perfect candidate from a recycling center for 5 €.  I’m loving it already and you’re going to see a lot of this during the winter months!


I feel like I’m getting the gist of it now: you can by all means hold on to your beloved slouches and worn-outs if you just balance those out with something that’s more sharp or structured. (And pull those pants up for ___ sake! You’re not a teenage girl anymore!)

Is that it? Is it really that simple?

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Oversize sweater is H&M menswear (sh), Pieces scarf, Karhu sneakers (new), cargo pants gifted by my big sis – forever grateful!, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse is a souvenir from our trip to New Orleans in 2012, my Hubby gave it to me as a Bday present, wedding ring (#love) Kalevala Koru Perniön sormus (2000)
#shopyourcloset #slowfashion